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Alexandre Baros, is a Pernambuco artist born and raised in Alto José do Pinho, birthplace of Recife's popular culture. Has works with music, visual arts, costumes, lighting, radio, audiovisual and education.

In the effervescent Recife cultural scene at the beginning of the millennium, he began his career in music at the age of 15, presenting the program Pernambuco Independente, on Rádio Real Fm 103.5. Long before the popularization of the internet and social networks, it was one of the means of disposing of what was produced independently in Pernambuco, Brazil and the World.

For five years, he traveled the roads of Brazil and South America presenting art shows integrated with technology with his group Coisa Nostra, formerly known as Babi Jaques & Os Sicilianos. With the troupe, he traveled more than 80 thousand kilometers along the roads of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. He also produced albums, documentaries, series and workshops.

He received dozens of awards at some of the most important music festivals in the country such as Web FestValda, Botucanto and Fun Music Festival. He was also a judge and curator of some competitive shows, such as PreAmp, in Recife.

In addition, he has played and recorded with names with Quinteto Violado, Clayton Barros (Cordel do Fogo Encantado), Sorcereiro Julião, Juvenil Silva, Igor de Carvalho, Lulina, Pax Nindi (England / Zimbabwe), Brazilian Swing, Samba Le Group (France ) and Afoxé Ylê de Egbá.

With the band Tagore he played in some of the biggest music festivals in the world, like Lollapalooza and South By Southwest - SXSW.

As an educator, he worked with music education for people with Down syndrome and founded Maracaarte, a percussion group led by the students themselves.

He is currently part of the legendary Banda de Pau e Corda, which in 2020 is releasing his new album by Biscoito Fino. He is also part of the duo Brega de Bolso, playing classics of the popular songbook in a modern and unique language.

In addition, he researches percussive music produced in Pernambuco and Northeast Brazil.

Baros is an endorser for Gretsch Drums and KickPort accessories.

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