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Coisa Nostra and Tagore

Baros besides being a drummer for the groups Coisa Nostra and Tagore, was also his illuminator. In the shows of the troupes, it performs both functions simultaneously, using the most advanced technologies present in the market, in addition to applying years of research in colors and light.

Other Lighting Works

Baros also worked as a lighting technician for various artists and bands, like Sofia Freire (Pernambuco), Félix Robatto (Pará), Aline Paes (Rio de Janeiro), Cascabulho (Pernambuco), Francisco (Pernambuco) e Aliados CP (Pernambuco); and also at dance performances and fashion shows. 

Baros Iluminador
Baros iluminando Sofia Freire
Baros iluminando Felix Robatto
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