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Music and special education

From 2005 to 2010, Baros was a pioneer on the development of music and percussion activities at Centro Pró-Integração, Cidadania e Arte (INTEGRARTE). Family relatives of people with specific difficulties resulting from Down syndrome created the institution. The entity aims to favor the exercise of citizenship by those who have this condition. 


As a result of this long experience, in 2009 he founded the Maracaarte, a percussive artistic group formed by the institution’s participants. 


He was succeeded by percussionist Lara Klaus, and as godfather of the entity, he participates as a special guest in their presentations.

Drum Lessons

Baros studied music at the Federal University of Pernambuco and teaches individual and group drums. The course covers techniques, rudiments, independence, music theory, practice, construction of levadas and Brazilian rhythms, for beginners and advanced in the arts of rhythms.

Tambores Ancestrais

Tambores Ancestrais (Ancestral Drums) is a workshop on percussive music from various parts of the Brazilian northeast, for beginners and advanced in the art of rhythms.

During the meeting, the participants learn a little more about the history of the various festivities and parties in the region, as well as the sounds that compose them. Those involved practice proposed rhythmic pieces and at the end there is a small presentation with all students.

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