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Sabe Lá o que é isso

Year: 2002

Genre: Documentary

Duties: Producer, sound director, sound mixer 


Baros produced with his band Coisa Nostra (at the time still called Babi Jaques e os Sicilianos) the documentary “Sabe lá o que é isso”. Between guitars and distortions, the documentary discusses the aesthetic innovations that have occurred with frevo throughout its history. It also discusses the 80 years of resistance of Batutas de São José, the physical destruction of São José neighborhood in the 1970s and the history of Recife's street carnival. The production invited the journalist José Teles, Maestro Spok, the writer and composer Marcelo Varela, and the broadcaster Hugo Martins, known as “the live encyclopedia of frevo”. The documentary is directed and scripted by the filmmaker and writer Wilson Freire, author and director of dozens of productions, among them the internationally awarded “As Três Marias”.


Click here and go to the movie site.


Adversting Esposende

Year: 2019

Genre: Advertising

Function: Actor

Advertisement for the shoe store Esposende Calçados. Advertising piece broadcast on television, digital media and social networks.


Raul Cordula Cultural Institute

Year: 2016

Genre: Video Art / Commercial

Function: Direction, Soundtrack, Editing and Editing.

Video production for the launch and dissemination of the exhibition "Raul Córdula - Anthology" held at the National Museum of the Republic in Brasilia-DF, in celebration of the 50-year career of visual artist Raul Córdula. The exhibition was produced by Instituto Cultural Raul Córdula and Jaraguá Produções.


A Coisa Nostra

Year: 2013/2014

Genre: WEB Series/Musical

Duties: Producer, musician, actor


A Coisa Nostra is a micro-series of videos that intends to present all creatures, the island of Nostrife. Through a tour of the traditional Nostrifense music, the audience will get to know the scenarios and stories of this fantastic island that travels around the world being transported by some of its inhabitants, a group of mobsters known as Coisa Nostra (Babi Jaque e os Sicilianos).

Babi, Lasserre, Well, and Baros open the doors of their homes inviting everyone to connect their mental antennas and enter this peculiar universe. 


Click here and follow all episodes of the series.


Pirueta Circo Social

Year: 2012

Genre: Documentary

Duty: Soundtrack


This short film produced by Luni Produções tells the story of Pirueta Circo Social, a project that teaches circus arts to young people from underprivileged communities in Recife. The soundtrack was done by Coisa Nostra and André Macambira.  


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